August 27, 2007


I am happy to say my training is going well, and I'm really looking forward to the actual event of the half marathon on October 28th. Like Emily (see her last post) I am also with the Waco group who does the Galloway method (run-walk). I had my reservations about it at first. I thought it would surely make one much slower, but believe me, it doesn't. It saves your legs so you can keep up the pace in the long run. I did 10 miles on Saturday, and felt really good up until about the last mile (at which point I just had to put my head down and just keep moving). The other good thing is the people I run with are total nuts and we end up laughing about the weirdest stuff. That can be bad, though, if you are laughing and out of breathe from running at the same time!

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