October 30, 2007

Mission Accomplished

So I did the 1/2 marathon and it went very well. What I am telling people, though, is that I really did the 3/4 marathon, because I ran 20 miles that day. I have now switched my focus to training for the Houston full marathon, and myself and some people in the running group needed to do a 20 mile training run that weekend. SO I met up with my running buddies at 5 am, ran 7, then did the 13.1. My time was very slow, but I don't care, I was feeling SO good at the end of the race, I think I finally got a runner's high. I am excited about Houston and maybe will do Austin marathon as well.
It was a beautiful day, and an awesome marathon!

I finished!

I am thrilled to report that I finished the 1/2 marathon! It was such a beautiful day...perfect running weather! My only expectations were that I would finish and hope that I had improved in some way. Although the official results are not posted yet, I finished the run feeling great! My knee did give me some grief towards the end of the race, but this is the first 1/2 marathon I have finished that I was not exhausted at the end. I could have run more! Wow! My Garmin watch says my time was improved too. Can't wait to see the posted results! My husband also ran in the 5K race. He runs faster than me. He came in 2nd for his age category. I was so proud of him. He started running for fitness this time last year and now had those sexy runner's legs. It was a good day for the Gilmer's. Hope you had fun! Hope you did well! See you at the start line next year!

October 23, 2007

This is it!

I ran my last long run on Sunday. I plan to run a short run tommorrow, then I will carb-out. I always do a 20 or 30 walk the day before just to smooth out any soreness and to help clear my mind of doubts. I know I will finish. I know I will do my best. I know that I will have fun. Good luck to all you runners. It is supposed to be a beautiful day on Sunday. See ya'll there!

October 22, 2007

7 Days until the Big MMM

Okay folks - we have only 7 days left until the Marathon. I ran my last long run yesterday. I ran 12 miles with a friend and it was hot and windy. I will probably do a few 3 milers this week but I won't run at all after Thursday.

Each time I do a long training run, I wonder if I will be able to complete the marathon. Then I remember that I have finished all of my marathons and they are, of course, all the same distance so if history repeats itself.... Yikes I hope I didn't just jinx myself. Two years ago, I got a stress fracture at about 23 miles in Cameron Park but I was still able to complete the marathon. Now that I think about it, that sounds a little insane. But then running marathons is considered by some to be "a little insane". I think it's just downright fun. Not to mention that you learn a whole lot about yourself, your determination and your sense of accomplishment.

I compare marathons to childbirth in a sense. You have several months of training (pregnancy) and then several hours of labor (the actual marathon) and then you deliver (the finish line). So, by that analogy, "the baby is almost here". How exciting is that!

See ya at the Marathon

October 19, 2007

I ran 12 miles this morning with a friend. What a beautiful day! We started before the sun came up and then greeted the day as the minutes ticked by. The weather was crisp with no wind. We were able to run the first 6 without stopping. Then we ran the last 6 about half running and half walking. We felt good when we finished however my calves were a little sore which was a new experience for me. I didn't get blisters which is a good since I have been plagued with those lately.

Anyway, I will do another long run on Sunday and then taper off before the marathon. Hope the weather is a duplicate of today but if not...the marathon will still be fun. It always is.

Happy training and the countdown begins

October 18, 2007

Soon to race

It is so encouraging to read the blogs and see that others are both progressing and struggling like myself. I have been running consistantly over the past few weeks with small setbacks and bigger gains. My only concern this week is my right knee is giving me a little problem with long distances. I hate that it is bothering me this close to the race. I ran 9 miles on Sunday. It was a perfectly beautiful morning on a country road. I felt great and was running well until the 7th mile or so. Then my knee starts to ache. I slowed down and babied it back home. There was no swelling, but it was sore the rest of the day. It is not bothering me on short distances. My plan of the moment is to wear a brace, take some ibuprofen before runs and ice it down afterwards. I will take any other suggestions. Other than the knee, I am very excited about the race. Running has become such a normal part of my life. I wish I had been in this good of shape ten years ago! Keep running!

October 12, 2007

Keep on keepin' on!

Last Saturday was an epic run. I got up at 2:30, left the house at 3, met w/ the Waco running group at 4. In the morning. We ran 18 miles, of course we do the run-walk method which is the only thing that saves me. It poured rain for about an hour, and the Advil, caffeine pill, and gummy bears I had in my pockets were melted. But the rain was welcome, because it was still SO hot that morning! I find it interesting that on many of the longer runs I do, the first half is worse than the last. This is not always true, but sometimes. The first ten miles I felt bad, sluggish, like I was picking up my big heavy legs one at a time to just move them. Somehow, after the rain and just getting settled in, the legs got lighter and my mood got happy. I certainly felt the last 8 miles in my body but emotionally I was high. Having good buddies to run with is wonderful, and mainly, just to do it. It feels freakin' fantastic.