October 22, 2007

7 Days until the Big MMM

Okay folks - we have only 7 days left until the Marathon. I ran my last long run yesterday. I ran 12 miles with a friend and it was hot and windy. I will probably do a few 3 milers this week but I won't run at all after Thursday.

Each time I do a long training run, I wonder if I will be able to complete the marathon. Then I remember that I have finished all of my marathons and they are, of course, all the same distance so if history repeats itself.... Yikes I hope I didn't just jinx myself. Two years ago, I got a stress fracture at about 23 miles in Cameron Park but I was still able to complete the marathon. Now that I think about it, that sounds a little insane. But then running marathons is considered by some to be "a little insane". I think it's just downright fun. Not to mention that you learn a whole lot about yourself, your determination and your sense of accomplishment.

I compare marathons to childbirth in a sense. You have several months of training (pregnancy) and then several hours of labor (the actual marathon) and then you deliver (the finish line). So, by that analogy, "the baby is almost here". How exciting is that!

See ya at the Marathon

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clakey said...

Hi, I'm from Austin and have never run the Waco marathon before. I'm a little nervous because of the few number of runners that will be doing the full marathon. I train in Austin with the Galloway group and I'm wondering if there is a Galloway group in Waco that I could run with this Sunday. I have ran marthons by myself before but the crowds have always been so large that I was never alone on the course. Since Waco will be a little smaller I think I would like to run with a group if I can. Right now I do 5x1's with Galloway in Austin. Looking forward to a fun race!