October 19, 2007

I ran 12 miles this morning with a friend. What a beautiful day! We started before the sun came up and then greeted the day as the minutes ticked by. The weather was crisp with no wind. We were able to run the first 6 without stopping. Then we ran the last 6 about half running and half walking. We felt good when we finished however my calves were a little sore which was a new experience for me. I didn't get blisters which is a good since I have been plagued with those lately.

Anyway, I will do another long run on Sunday and then taper off before the marathon. Hope the weather is a duplicate of today but if not...the marathon will still be fun. It always is.

Happy training and the countdown begins

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Anonymous said...

Hi, Waco will be my 4th marathon and I'm a little nervous. I called the info line to get more information on the race and the girl that answered wasn't able to help me. Here are some of the questions I have:

How many water stops are there? Is it every mile? Is there also gatorade at every stop?

Can a friend track me online so they can coordinate when to meet me at the finish line?

How hilly is the course? I'm from Austin so I'm used to hills. How do the hills compare?

How's the crowd support?

I run with the Galloway group in Austin, are there Galloway groups in Waco that I could maybe run with on the day of the race?

Thanks for your help and have a great race Sunday!!!