October 18, 2007

Soon to race

It is so encouraging to read the blogs and see that others are both progressing and struggling like myself. I have been running consistantly over the past few weeks with small setbacks and bigger gains. My only concern this week is my right knee is giving me a little problem with long distances. I hate that it is bothering me this close to the race. I ran 9 miles on Sunday. It was a perfectly beautiful morning on a country road. I felt great and was running well until the 7th mile or so. Then my knee starts to ache. I slowed down and babied it back home. There was no swelling, but it was sore the rest of the day. It is not bothering me on short distances. My plan of the moment is to wear a brace, take some ibuprofen before runs and ice it down afterwards. I will take any other suggestions. Other than the knee, I am very excited about the race. Running has become such a normal part of my life. I wish I had been in this good of shape ten years ago! Keep running!

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