October 12, 2007

Keep on keepin' on!

Last Saturday was an epic run. I got up at 2:30, left the house at 3, met w/ the Waco running group at 4. In the morning. We ran 18 miles, of course we do the run-walk method which is the only thing that saves me. It poured rain for about an hour, and the Advil, caffeine pill, and gummy bears I had in my pockets were melted. But the rain was welcome, because it was still SO hot that morning! I find it interesting that on many of the longer runs I do, the first half is worse than the last. This is not always true, but sometimes. The first ten miles I felt bad, sluggish, like I was picking up my big heavy legs one at a time to just move them. Somehow, after the rain and just getting settled in, the legs got lighter and my mood got happy. I certainly felt the last 8 miles in my body but emotionally I was high. Having good buddies to run with is wonderful, and mainly, just to do it. It feels freakin' fantastic.

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