October 30, 2007

I finished!

I am thrilled to report that I finished the 1/2 marathon! It was such a beautiful day...perfect running weather! My only expectations were that I would finish and hope that I had improved in some way. Although the official results are not posted yet, I finished the run feeling great! My knee did give me some grief towards the end of the race, but this is the first 1/2 marathon I have finished that I was not exhausted at the end. I could have run more! Wow! My Garmin watch says my time was improved too. Can't wait to see the posted results! My husband also ran in the 5K race. He runs faster than me. He came in 2nd for his age category. I was so proud of him. He started running for fitness this time last year and now had those sexy runner's legs. It was a good day for the Gilmer's. Hope you had fun! Hope you did well! See you at the start line next year!

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