August 07, 2007

Time Flies

Wow time does fly, I was glancing at the comments and realized that I haven't made any in a while. Well I feel great and even though I came down with the same crude that has been going around for awhile. I missed running for 3 days last week. I restarted this monday and even though I was still wheezing during the run I actually felt alot better than the week before. I have started finishing my run with a full out run the last .2 and even though it hurts like heck I feel so much better. With my music playing it seems that my route, even though its not very large, is passing by with less strain and aches. to those who are running the full marathon and 1/2 marathon I know this heat is not fun. Just think a week ago we were tired of all the rain! Well with any luck my morning's run will not get too terrible hot until closer to race time. Best of Luck to all in the weeks to come.

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Cassman said...

I love reading your blogs. How far total are you running now? Keep it up!