June 28, 2007

Off to the races!

As I begin my blog, I find myself thinking, "What is it that I find so enjoyable about running?" It isn't the sweat dripping off the ends of my hair. It isn't the aches and pains and stitches. It isn't the unlady-like smell of my favorite running gear. I have to talk myself into it everytime I go out to run. The first 1/2 mile is miserable. Why do I keep doing it? At first I think I needed to prove to myself that I could do something physically demanding. Now, I think I just like how I feel afterwards. Not the sweaty, stinky part, but the way my body feels, warm and relaxed. I also like the fact that I can eat without worrying about the calories and that I look fitter now then I did 10 years ago.
I started my training last week with light mileage and a hefty dose of cross-training. This is quite different from my earlier training regimens that focused on mileage and almost daily running. I decided that I wanted to be stronger this year. So far I am just sore. However, my legs feel great and the rain has definitely cooled things down, which makes the running very pleasant. So far, so good!

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