June 27, 2007

Trying Times

Well I have my first weekend under my belt and If I knew I would be training for a BIATHOLON(running, swimming) I would have thought better of it. No just kidding,running is starting to feel like it use to way back when. I just don't remember ever having to run in this much rain. My route isn't so bad because its mostly street but those corners can get awfully deep at times my only thought is "I hope I can get past that corner before the car behind me catches up and soaks me to the skin". Well no-one ever said running was going to be easy or dry(who would have thought at the end of June we would be soaking wet) at least it's better than 100 degrees in the morning. Well to those of you reading, my first suggestion is to pick a route that is scenic with variety. I learned after alittle while that same house I past 3 to 4 times is not getting any better looking. Best of luck to all you runners and walkers may your goals be met with satisfaction and as little pain as possible.

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JbelleC14 said...

Hi, I'm a new intern at Scott & White, and I just wanted to say congratulations on conquering your first weekend! And you had to fight through the rain so great job! Keep up the good work! Hopefully others will be motivated by your success and join in the training. It's for a great cause so you should be very proud of yourself!