July 17, 2007

Listen to your Body

I have been running a few weeks now and up until recently I really haven't seen much weight loss, although my wife says I seem to look leaner. Recently I have noticed that my body has been telling me things but I wasn't quite listening, for the last few days my legs have been sore alittle bit. I chalked this up to the fact I am running farther and keeping my time the same, I figured this is par but my body was telling me that the banana on the counter looked extremely delicious, what is it about the banana that looked so good? After eating one my legs seem to say thank you. The soreness eased and I don't notice as much that I ache (POTASSIUM a wonderful chemical). I have been craving apple juice also but haven't quite figured out what this aids in. Well back to the weight loss I have actually lost five pounds and feel so much better! I was wondering if I ever would see a drop. Now that I have I am encouraged to keep up the regimen and I will add a little swimming to the workout as the kids want me to join them in their new pool that we recently purchased for them. To all you beginners like me learn to listen to your body and you won't suffer as much, it's a wonderful thing when your body is happy!

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