September 04, 2007

Back from Hawaii

I haven't written in a while...I have been on vacation and getting ready for school. Hawaii was beautiful. I had found a "how to train on vacation" plan that I was going to follow, but I didn't. I did run on the beach twice with my husband (which was really hard work for me, but John was hardly breathing! However, he got really sore legs and I didn't. So there!). I went scuba diving and hiking, which I counted as crosstraining. Back at home I started up with a couple of short easy runs (2 milers), then moved up to 3 miles and tomorrow I will do 4 miles. Saturday I should be back on schedule with a seven mile run. Only eight more weeks to go...time to get to work! As Maya would say from Yourself Fitness Xbox game, "Work hard, work strong!"

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