September 24, 2007

Texas Weather and any other excuse

It's still HOT outside. I ran (walk,ran) 6 miles on Saturday and 10 miles on Sunday. It was so hot, I just didn't have the energy to run much of the 10 miler. Plus, I've got a major blister on my heel that just won't go away. I've never had trouble with blisters before so this is beginning to get on my nerves. With so little time until the marathon, I really need to be running distances, but this blister....

Ahh - I love the excuses. Here are a few of my favorites: it's too hot; it's too cold; it's too windy; it's too early; it's too late; I'm too tired; I ran yesterday; I'm sore; I ate too much; I'm too hungry; my Ipod needs charging; my friends can't run today; and my all time favorite - I can't find my shoes! Believe me when I tell you - after running for 27 years, I have used all of the above.

Happy training and I'll see ya at the finish line

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