September 10, 2007

Well it's September and the pollen must be rampant. I went out for my run yesterday and only made it 1 mile before my chest got tight and my eyes started burning and itching. By the time I got back inside, I had to take Benadryl just to breathe. I am still determined to get my miles in so I went out again today and had a much easier time. I am only running 4 miles because I do this on my lunch hour. I will save my long runs for Sundays when I have more time and there is less traffic.

At any rate, I would like to share some of the questions I have gotten over the years as I have trained and run my past marathons : Do you like to run - How do you run that far - Do you get tired - Why would you do that - How far is THIS marathon - and my all time favorite....Did you win? My answer to the last question is always the same - in my mind if I cross the finish line, I won!

Happy Running

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