July 10, 2007

Oops, I did it again

I actually ran another 4 miles! And this time wasn't so bad! I joined a running group in Waco and ran w/ them the first time on Saturday. I got up at 0530 (remember, this is on a SATURDAY) and somehow made myself go out the door. The group in Waco ran 3 miles last week and I was afraid I wouldn't be able to hang in there, I'd be dragging behind them, I'd faint, I'd be made fun of, etc, etc. But I did it and the 4 miles wasn't so bad. Running w/ other people is definitely funner. So, I am planning on doing this every Saturday (so much for my rowdy parties on Friday nights, oh well). We are supposed to do 5 miles this week, so I have to do some running before then. I got up this morning and ran for 40 minutes, and you know, it's really hot at 6 AM. I've found running in the evening after work just never seems to happen, something else comes up; I'm too tired, I'm busy, I'm quitting, I'm too fat, I'm a loser, you know, something always stops me. So morning running is very, very important.

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