July 08, 2007

Slow, but steady!

Three weeks in and I am still here! Granted, I am only running three times a week and I have only run two miles at a time, but my mileage will increase. This time last year I couldn't run two miles without some walk breaks. Looking back I can see that I am much improved! Also, as a part of my new training routine, I am doing more cross-training. I do some yoga, light weights, and work on my arms and core with Maya, the aerobic goddess in the Xbox game "Yourself Fitness" (this puts the Xbox to good use!). I feel stronger already. Today, my husband John and I and my two kids did 30 minutes of a yoga tape. Doing any kind of exercise with kids is an exercise in patience! However, it feels good to have the whole family involved. Late this evening I ran my two miles. I am fortunate that my neighborhood has streetlights or I probably couldn't get away with running after dark, but it is frequently the only time I have to get it done. I have read that exercising at night can cause insominia. I can't vouch for anyone esle, but it doesn't bother me at all. In fact, I think it may help me be more relaxed. However, sitting here on the couch blogging about my run is not helping me get any more sleep! I will write again soon. Happy running!

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